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What is this campaign about?


In November 2020, a mother of a young child allegedly asked Wilfred and four others to help rescue her son as the courts would not believe the allegations of satanic ritual abuse (SRA) made by her or her son. 


After a 200-mile drive, they were caught by the police, arrested and put on remand; Wilfred Wong at Wrexham prison, Wales. 


Who are the real kidnappers here? The young boy’s mother, separated from her young child; utterly heartbroken in prison along with her helpers, or social services?


The trial of the mother, Wilfred Wong and co-defendants has been scheduled for 28th June, 2021, and despite the trial date being several months away, since November 2020, they have been denied bail.

If you would like to help, please consider taking part in the email letter writing campaign. 

The email campaign to demand justice

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Step 1 - Read these guidelines

According to wisdom and discretion you are of course free to make adjustments to the wording of the email content.


Note that:

a) Email should be used as opposed to hard-copy letters as many government departments are refusing to accept them due to fears over Covid-19.

b) Email should be polite but firm.

c) The more people that send the supportive emails the better. Large numbers are very important. We would like to try and get 20,000 supporters to send emails to each minister or official.

d) Please include your home address (even if abroad) in the email so the ministers know that you are a real person.

Step 2 - Copy the text below and paste into an email (filling in the recipient name as well as your name)

Dear                      ,

I write to express my concern regarding the prosecution by North Wales Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) of Wilfred Wong, Janet & Edward Stevenson and various others for alleged kidnapping which allegedly occurred in Anglesey on the 4th of November 2020.


The mother of the alleged kidnap victim, has long maintained that her ex-husband, together with various associates of his, allegedly had extensively and severely sexually abused the boy. She has also described the nature of the abuse inflicted on her son as Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA). Please note that the existence of Satanic Abuse in the UK has been officially acknowledged by the UK’s oldest and largest police force, i.e. the Metropolitan Police Service -


There have also been several successfully prosecuted SRA cases in the UK. A list of these cases are available on the internet here: ( 


About 2 years ago, the boy disclosed to his mother that he had allegedly been extensively sexually abused by his father and some of his associates. She has stated that about 400 pages of notes were written regarding her son’s disclosures of abuse. These disclosures indicate that the boy suffered Satanist Ritual Abuse (SRA) allegedly at the hands of his father and his father’s fellow Satanists. Despite such extensive disclosures and the extremely serious nature of the alleged crimes, there has so far been no thorough police investigation of this case and the Social Services and family courts have been more interested in penalising the whistleblowing mother, and facilitating the handing over of the son to the legal custody of his alleged abuser.


About 2 years ago when the boy alleged that he had been extensively sexually abused by his father, why did the police not take the boys allegations seriously and fail to thoroughly investigate what he claimed?


Why did Social Services penalise the boy’s mother for simply trying to get justice for her boy, by removing him from his mother’s custody?


Contrast the above gross negligence regarding the welfare and safety of her child with the extensive efforts by the police and Crown Prosecution Service to investigate and prosecute the mother and all those who allegedly helped her snatch her child back from the grip of Social Services. 


To make matters even worse, Social Services are likely to hand the boy over to the legal custody of his father sometime in 2021. And during this time in foster care, Social Services has arranged for the boy to allegedly be extensively indoctrinated in order to convince him that he was never sexually abused by his father. Despite the fact that the police have never thoroughly investigated the boy’s allegations, Social Services have simply assumed that his claims must be untrue.


Who are the real kidnappers here? The boy’s mother and her helpers, or Social Services?


Ironically the police and CPS have used the boy’s testimony as part of their case against his mother, and her co-defendants. It appears that the Police and CPS simply pick and choose when they wish to listen to the boy and when to ignore his testimony.


I believe that it certainly does not serve the public interest and it would also be very unjust to put Wilfred Wong, Janet and Edward Stevenson and all the rest of the co-defendants on trial and to prosecute them. Instead, what the law enforcement authorities should be focusing on is investigating the boy’s extensive allegations of sexual abuse.


Such an investigation is especially urgently needed now as the boy appears very likely to be handed over to the legal custody of his father in January 2021.


A thorough police investigation is urgently needed now into his allegations of sexual abuse against his father. In addition, an independent investigation into Social Services’ disturbing role in this entire matter is also urgently needed. All attempts to hand the boy over to his father’s custody must be stopped.


The trial for the mother and all her co-defendants has been scheduled for the summer of 2021. Despite the trial date being several months away they have so far all been denied bail and been kept in prison. They are supposed to have a right to bail and to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. But the Welsh authorities have treated them as if they have all already been proven guilty. I urge that all of the defendants be granted bail now.


I urge you to do all you can to implement all my above requested actions. This is necessary to prevent a serious miscarriage of justice and to protect a very vulnerable child. I look forward to your reply.


Yours sincerely, 

Step 3 - Send to the following recipients

It is very important that you send the suggested letter individually (i.e. four emails in total) to the following ministers and officials, namely:


a) The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for Wales

Mark for the urgent attention of Max Hill QC - IMPORTANT: State that you are writing to him in his capacity as DPP


b) The First Minister for Wales

Mark for the urgent attention of Rt Hon Mark Drakeford MS - IMPORTANT: State that you are writing to him in his capacity as First Minister for Wales


c) The Minister of Justice

Mark for the urgent attention Dominic Raab MP - IMPORTANT: State that you are writing to him in his capacity as Minister for Justice


d) The Attorney General

Mark for the urgent attention of The Rt Hon Suella Braverman MP - IMPORTANT: State that you are writing to her in her capacity as Attorney General


It is quite likely that your email will not be responded to, nevertheless, the ministers will see that there is widespread support.


Thank you!